The SSI Diamond Status recognizes Dive Centers and Dive Resorts that make a commitment to excellence and leadership in the categories of:

♦ Business Practices & Ethics
♦ Quality Assurance
♦ Education Commitment
♦ Customer Service
♦ Diving Passion.

Only Dive Centers and Dive Resorts recognized as the leaders in their marketplace can be considered for the SSI Diamond Status.

The SSI Diamond Status is a privilege. All accounts are reviewed frequently to ensure they continue to meet or exceed the standards. SSI reserves the right to revoke the SSI Diamond rating, if the Dive Center, in SSI’s judgment, does not meet these standards.

Open Water Diver (Entry Level)


At Groundhog Divers, we are committed to providing you with the safest and most thorough training in the dive industry. Our programs offer the most flexibility around your busy lifestyle utilizing our own indoor training pool. During our training programs you will become familiar with the latest in dive equipment, thanks to our up to date rental department featuring the newest designs from Mares, the world leader in scuba innovation. 

Here at Groundhog Divers, we are proud to be associated SSI (Scuba Schools International)  Your training will be recognized and accepted by dive professionals worldwide. You will enjoy the benifits of using our new state of the art digital learning system called "Real Diving". This system features built in multimedia and customized knowledge assesment systems. Once certified you will be issued one of our new "Digital Certifications. Your safety and the quality of your education are most important to us.

You may also be considering a vacation. Ask us about our extensive "Dive Travel" services and what may be involved in completing your training during your holiday.  Referral letters are provided free of charge should this apply to you. We will be happy to explain how this process works and what costs you will likely encounter along the way.

All entry level or "open water" scuba courses are broken down into three components:
1) Academic training (now digital)
2) Confined water skill development sessions (pool)
3) Open water training

Academic Review and Confined Water Skill Development              (3 sessions)
During the 3 sessions, your instructor will firstly review the academics that you completed on your own time, to ensure a complete understanding. And then move into the pool for the confined water skill development portion. Here you will learn and practice all the skills needed to be a safe and competent diver. These 3 sessions,which follow each other in order, (Class1-2-3) will prepare you for the "Open Water" portion of the certification program.

Open Water Dives
The open water portion of your training will consist of 5 logged dives over 2 days. During these dives you will complete a series of skills that mirror the exercises you will have learned in the pool during your training.

Your open water dives can be completed with us in a variety of locations throughout Southwestern Ontario, or with us on many of the professionally organized and escorted trips to exotic destinations, or by referral should your plans take you elsewhere.

Classes are available 5 days a week including Saturday.  Private lessons are also available; ask us for pricing information on this option.
Class size is a maximum of six people (3 minimum) which provides our students with plenty of individual attention, and a more interactive environment for the discussion of academic topics.

However, if this format does not fit your needs please speak to us and we will do our best to design the program to suit you. We are able to accommodate almoct anything from full private lessons at your home to off hour programs for shift workers etc.
Ask us for pricing on these specialized options.

The following is a list of everything that is included in our "Learn to Dive Program"

  • Student Training Materials SSI (Scuba Schools International)
    • "Real Diving" Digital Training Materials including Training Videos
    • Digital Certification Card
    • Interactive Review Questions, Personal Notes & Bookmarks
    • Online and Offline Access via SSI App for up to 3 Devices
    digital Logbook - 2 Year via SSI App

    All Instruction time: Including the confined water sessions and the "Open Water" dives.

  • Open Water Dives (completed with us in S/W Ontario)   2 Training Days, 5 logged dives
    Dates are arranged thru your instructor during your skill development sessions  

  • Use of Regulator, Buoyancy Compensator, and weights

  • Additional pool training practice time (as scheduling permits)

  • Registration Fees with SSI and your Digital Certification

  • Air fills (full scuba tanks) for all of your training.

  • The use of a complete scuba unit:  tanks, regulator and buoyancy compensator.

  • The use of all exposure apparel:  2-piece 6.5 mm wetsuit, hood, and gloves.


Not included:

Scuba specific mask, snorkel, fins, boots. (ask us why these are important for your safety and hygene)

NOTE: If you are completing your training via referral to another dive center (ie during a southern holiday) we will provide you with your universal referral forms, help you select a reputable dive center and trainer all at no extra cost. Under this format you will pay for the open water portion to the dive center you choose rather than to us.

To begin your training
You can begin your training FREE right now by clicking the link below. Enjoy a preview of the new "Real Diving"  SSI Online Education system. This is a great way to prepare yourself for the exciting new adventure Scuba Diving offers. This free program is a fantastic resource that will greatly enhance the learning process once you enroll in the course. Getting started requires a visit to our store. There is an orientation session that must be completed and will take approximately 30 minutes. During the orientation you will complete your course application, medical questionnaire, and waivers. You will view a video presentation about the course, and we will also help you address your equipment needs. We can do this orientation program any time during our store hours. 

SSI Online Training & Online Services


Continuing Education

Please visit the SSI website  website for all information on our continuing education programs.

For cost and scheduling information contact us and read below.

Our approach to Continuing Education is as flexable as you need.

Instead of looking at "OUR" Calendar of Events for couses running, look at "YOUR" calendar and choose a date that you would like to take a specific course. Then call or stop in and we will make the arrangements for you. It's that simple!!!!!
Some programs such as "First Aid & CPR" , "Stress and Rescue" and "Equipment Techniques" are best done in a group we will help coordinate a schedule that works for all who are interested.

We will always post on our Calender of Events courses that have been booked and scheduled by others.
If the date works for you call us there is always room for you.

Try Scuba Diving

Try Scuba Diving
If you've always wanted to try diving but aren't sure if you're ready to commit to a full certification course, our Try Scuba Diving experience is for you!
Designed to give everyone a taste of diving, this program lets first time divers experience diving in the comfort of our own indoor pool without having to learn a lot of theory before hitting the water. After a short briefing you'll dive under the direct supervision of one of our experienced "Dive Control Specialists" or "Instructors" and will experience for yourself just how easy scuba diving really is. This program is generally conducted with groups of 3-6 people but can also be done as a "private lesson"

During your Try Scuba Diving experience, you will:

  • Learn what wearing scuba equipment feels like underwater

  • See how easy it is to move around while wearing the equipment

  • Discover what it's like to breathe underwater and learn whether you're comfortable there

  • Learn some basic skills and safety rules that will carry over to your scuba certification course when you decide to take the next step

  • Use a basic set of scuba equipment including buoyancy compensation device (BCD), scuba regulator, and depth and pressure gauges

  • Learn how to fit and adjust your mask (and how to defog it!)

  • Learn to use fins to move efficiently and easily underwater

  • You will also discover that it is a common misconception that diving is a claustrophobic experience

To participate you must:

  • Be over the age of 12 (between 12 and 18 a parent or guardian must participate as well)

  • Be healthy (please see below for medical forms)  PLEASE REVIEW BOTH FORMS CAREFULLY YOU MAY REQUIRE BOTH FORMS (call us if you have questions)

These programs are a lot of fun and are a great way to get a taste of scuba diving. All equipment is provided. "Contact Us" directly to arrange your Try Scuba Diving experience. The cost of this program is 100.00 + HST per person when added to a group of 3-6 people. Private lessons available.
If you sign up for a full certification course on the day of your "Try Scuba" special incentive discounts are available. Our Staff will explain these to you that day.

Standard Medical Statement "CLICK HERE"

Physician Consent Form "CLICK HERE"